Friday, August 1, 2014

Lytro Illum Unboxing

My Lytro Illum arrived today. I put in my pre-order early on day one so it's been a bit of a long wait. I was an early adopted of the first Illum as well. That camera felt and behaved like a technology preview. The Illum is much more refined and would have been a worthy first generation product. I've had almost no hands on time with it but here is a collection of pictures showing me unboxing it in my car along with some comments.

The packaging was brilliant from a design perspective. Clearly somebody put a lot of well reasoned thought into both the functionality and aesthetics. 

The camera is every bit as impressive looking in person as it is in the pictures we've been seeing for the past few months. Again, great industrial design. The controls seems reasonable as well from an ergonomic perspective but I haven't had anywhere near enough time at this point to be sure.

First edition #14! It pays to be fast I guess. 

The lens cap is light years better designed than the one that came with the original Lytro. The lens hood looks nice as well and is a much appreciated standard feature.

The hood, lens strap, battery and other components all come individually boxed.

The battery is proprietary which isn't unusual. I'm hoping the price will be reasonable when Lytro offers them for sale individually.

Initial boot time was short and flashy.

There were a series of fairly standard menus for setup.

NOTE: The Illum does NOT come with an SD card. You'll need a 2GB+ capacity card of your own if you want to use your Illum as anything other than a rather expensive piece of modern industrial art. Luckily I had a 64GB SD card with me so this step didn't slow me down.

The step pictured above did indeed take several minutes so I started taking pictures of other stuff.

And back to the setup screens.

It's nice but not unique that they step through the basics of taking pictures. Particularly since Light Field photography is so much different from standard picture taking.

That's it for now. I'll have more comments and reviews on my Lytro Illum over the coming weeks.