Sunday, August 15, 2010

Droid X One Month Report

Family obligations and work have kept me very busy the past couple of weeks. Throw in some unseasonably cool and damp weather that has allowed me to spend time out in the garage working on my hobby guitar building projects and you get a two plus week gap in posts.

I've had my Droid X for a bit more than a month now.  The Honeymoon is over.  I still love the phone but it isn't without some faults.  These include
  • The voice recognition is spotty at best.  When I use it for navigation I often comedic results.  An example, Amil Villas is one of my favorite breakfast places.  The android voice recognition software translates this as "Able Phyllis Restaurant"
  • The Nav system is buggy and prone to crashing.  Even when I do get it to accept my voice input it will sometimes go off into never never land and never return when searching for directions.  I've also had it crash on a couple of occasions and exit.  This isn't a good thing when you are driving some place you've never been before.  Particularly when you are depending on the speech prompts for directions
  • It crashes and reboots, seemingly at random every few days.  On the plus side this has never happened while I was actually doing something.
  • It occasionally becomes sluggish and unresponsive.
I'm hoping the 2.2 Android update that is due in a few weeks fixes these issues.  In the meantime I'm still much happier with this phone than I was with my Blackberry Tour.
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