Saturday, September 10, 2011

iOS Blogger App/Google Hates The iPad?

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I'm typing the first draft of this on the newly released iOS blogger app. My enthusiasm over not having to try to interact with the new Blogger via the iPad's Safari browser is severely tempered by the fact that there is no HD/iPad support and it doesn't support landscape mode. I can almost forgive the first, it isn't that big a deal for an app like this but the inability to deal with landscape mode is pretty much inexcusable in my opinion. Google's iOS G+ app has the same problem.

One other complaint is that the blogger app won't let me type without the onscreen keyboard being visible and taking up about 40% of the screen. On the plus side, I can hide it but then I don't get to type when I do that. There are nice physical keyboard/Bluetooth cases for the iPhone so this is a frustrating limitation even if I just consider it an iPhone app.

The application is free, so I probably shouldn't complain to much but its increasingly clear that Google isn't at all interested in supporting the iPad or the iPhone more than minimally. It's easy enough to understand the competitive reasons for Google to take this approach but as a consumer of their services I don't like it.

One other complaint, the iPad sometimes gets confused and exits back to the lock screen when using a Bluetooth keyboard. When this happens you've lost all the text you've entered as the Blogger app doesn't save unless you tell it to and doesn't deal gracefully with being interrupted in that way. End result, I lost a bunch of text to another entry that I really liked. It's very annoying when you're in a groove to have that happen. No matter how hard I try, the rewrite never seems as good.

So my quest to find a decent and reliable way of writing blogger posts continues.

Hopefully there will be a quick update to this initial flawed attempt.

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