Sunday, January 23, 2011

Vacation Time

For twenty two of the next twenty three days I'll be honing my skills as a maker of acoustic guitars.  These skills are fairly meager right now.  I've completed one ukulele and am partially done with two guitars. to be clear, this is a hobby. Some day I'll hopefully be able to retire and I want to have a vocation that will challenge me and keep me busy.  This is the one I've chosen.

In some ways it's a little surprising to me that I've decided to make this investment in myself.  For every one day of enjoyment I've gotten out of this hobby I've had at least two days of frustration and months sometimes pass between sessions out in the garage. When I thought about it though I realized that the long periods of inactivity were always preceded by an especially frustrating experience trying to accomplish some task.  I've written mostly about the good times and occasionally about the bad times on my other BLOG.  To be fair, long periods of low humidity (Which are lousy times to be working wood) and the pursuit of my MBA a few years back played a part as well.

This is a big investment in money and time but it will accelerate my learning greatly. Having a firm foundation to build on is extremely important no matter what you are trying to accomplish.

So here I am, just a day away from two very busy weeks.  The course I'm taking is hands on, I'll end up with both a head full of new knowledge and a guitar at the end.

I've been very active on this BLOG for the past few weeks.  There is a very good possibility I'll be silent here for at least the next few, we'll see.  I'll almost certainly be posting about my adventure on my other BLOG, so please check things out there if you are interested.

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