Thursday, July 7, 2011

iPad 2 Keyboard/Case (Short Take)

Yes, I'm a tech junkie. Even  before I bought my first computer at age fourteen I had an obsession with electronic gadgets. Truth be told, I'm also a wee bit jaded though. I know it might seem like I'm constantly getting excited by one new gadget or another but that's not true. Really.

OK, so maybe it is. My latest obsession is a very cool looking/sounding Aluminium iPad 2 case I spotted yesterday that comes with an integrated keyboard. Total price for two of these with shipping? $120. That's not chump change but if they are anywhere close to as nice as they look it should be a great investment. My wife now has her own iPad 2 and immediately wanted one of these as well when I showed it to her.

I've been looking with envy at the Asus Eee PC Transformer for awhile now. As I've written before, the concept of a tablet with optional detachable keyboard is appealing to me as it combines the best of both worlds. I already have a small Microsoft Bluetooth keyboard that I use with my iPad occasionally. It works great but is a bit cumbersome to lug around. In two or three weeks when my new purchase arrives I won't have to any more. As an added bonus this thing kind of makes an iPad 2 look like a Macbook Air.

I'll write a real review once I've had  some first hand experience with my new purchase. Delivery is likely a couple of weeks out and I'll want at least a day or two of use before I venture an opinion. At least that's the plan. Cool tech toys and poor impulse control tend to go hand in hand with me.

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