Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Loss Of Signal II

It's really hard to imagine how Apple could have handled the whole IPhone 4 antenna debacle any worse.   At this point it really doesn't matter how big a deal it is technically, what matters is that it keeps getting time in the press and that analysts are starting to speculate about how much it is going to cost Apple to "fix" and the estimates go up with each passing day.  Apple has apparently scheduled a news conference this Friday to discuss the issue.  Or maybe they are going to announce a new Apple TV or some other whiz bang consumer electronics gadget that will instantly take our minds off of the IPhone 4. It's never good to assume that Apple is going to do the conventional thing.

So far as I can tell there hasn't been a noticeable impact on sales and I don't expect one.  We're talking about the company that somehow made tablet computing cool. I don't think even Consumer Reports recent about face to a thumbs down is going to have much of an effect.

Of course, if Apple continues to stone wall and essentially say "what's the big deal?" that could change.  Apple has an immense reservoir of brand loyalty and customer satisfaction; but every day that goes by without a move to resolve this situation in a way that customers, the press and courts will find satisfactory is going to be another withdrawal from that "bank" and no company should spend that kind of capital foolishly.  Even one as cool as Apple.

Steve Jobs may have a reputation for being a difficult guy to work for but he's clearly no dummy.  It may be tough for him, but I think he'll have Apple do the right thing.  And if he doesn't, well we just might get to see them falter seriously for the first time since his return.

Image by Steve Rhodes

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