Friday, July 16, 2010

Loss of Signal III

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OK, first things first. In the interest of full disclosure I just bought a DroidX.  It'll be arriving in the next few days. To be clear, I really like the IPhone, I'm just not a fan of AT&T.  To be fair I'm not really a fan of Verizon either, but they've managed to annoy me marginally less and are thus the lesser of two evils, at least for now.

Apple had their press conference today and it's hard for me not to give them a passing grade.  Sure, some in the media are not impressed and the anti Apple types are frothing at the mouth but what else is new?  Was anyone really expecting Apple to recall three million phones over an issue that has a well understood work around?  By offering to take back phones with no restocking fee or pay for a case Apple did the right thing.  One could argue that disgruntled owners are still going to be at a loss since AT&T isn't going to be cancelling any contracts unless people who are interested do so within their standard thirty day window.

So, is the crises over?  I certainly hope so, but we'll have to wait a couple of weeks to be sure.   We don't like to admit it, but most of us get a secret thrill out of seeing successful people or companies taken down.  The feeding frenzy on this story has been fairly intense so it's not clear to me that the story will die a quick death now that Apple has made an effort to explain the problem and compensate their customers.

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