Friday, September 2, 2011

Amazon Touchpad/Venture Update (Short Take)

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One of the interesting bits of news recently is that Amazon may be contemplating an HP firesale like price point for the new tablets most of us expect them to introduce soon. The thinking is that HP can afford to sell at a loss since they are primarily in the business of selling content. It's basically the same model that game console makers have been following for years and it's seemed to work fine for them. In reality I doubt Amazon will want to sustain $200 or more in losses up front per unit sold but $50 might be OK and that would put them at a very attractive price point. There are also rumors of a $99 Kindle. If it's color, that would be very cool.

I've been doing my early code development venture work on my laptop via a Linux VM. I woke up this morning to find that my laptop is feeling very sluggish as the VM is busy doing all sorts of database queries. This laptop is under a year old with four real cores (Intel I7) and 8 Gig of memory. I feel a sense of accomplishment that I've been able to bring it to its knees. :) I have an old desktop machine sitting around gathering dust that I'll be installing Linux on this weekend so I can transfer my work to there.

I've worked through some possibilities for the business side of the idea I'm working on and am getting excited about the possibilities. I don't think this idea is a complete dud which is nice. In any case I'm getting to learn some cool technologies and am excited about coding for the first time in years.

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