Monday, September 12, 2011

Facebook Hates Privacy? (Short Take)

Privacy Lost
I went to make an entry into my Facebook this morning and realized that by default it was going to be public. Look in the lower right corner of the entry box to see who is going to see what you are posting. I'd had a custom view setup previously so it seems like yet again Facebook has changed something in a way that may cause people to inadvertently post in a more public way than they had intended.

It was reasonably simple for me to reset my default to something more in line with what I desired but the experience was still annoying and typical of what we've seen out of Facebook in the past.

There are two reasons I still post on Facebook. One, a number of the people I keep in touch with there are still not on Google+ or any other service and two, in theory the platform supports controlled sharing with the default having been reasonably private.

I'm sure they must have avoided fumbling one of these changes at some point but I sure as heck can't recall it.

In an odd and hard to explain coincidence as of this morning Klout now has me listed as being influential on the topic of Facebook. This is the first and so far only topic Klout has tagged me for. I mostly find it odd since I don't think I've spent that much time talking about Facebook in comparison to other companies.

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  1. Humans are social animals. We want to share bits of our lives with our friends. We like to share what we are and what we like. Sharing is human. We are social. We communicate. We learn from each other. But we do not share everything. Beware of Facebook Friction less Sharing

  2. Thank you for the comment, good point.

    One of the interesting/odd things about Zuckerberg is that he's actually a fairly private person, yet as you note he's constantly pushing people to share things in a way they may be uncomfortable with on Facebook.

    I like friction in my sharing, I like having an inner life and a life I only share with those who know me personally.