Sunday, August 21, 2011

It's All About... (Short Take)

Entity-relationship diagram showing a database...Image via WikipediaMe this time. I'll get back to my prognosticating in a few days. Right now I'm a little obsessed/distracted with other things.

The weekend is about done and results are mixed. For my nascent business idea I made good progress. I'm not done with the initial project I'd scoped out in my head but I'm not far off and I've worked my way through a number of problems so the remaining sections should go faster.  Two hundred and fifty lines of working code plus an initial database schema isn't bad given how rusty I am.

I had two other projects I needed to make progress on. One I'll talk about in my other BLOG. The third was studying for my Cisco CCNP switch exam. I think I'm going to be OK there. I just need to get an early start tomorrow and go over my notes one more time before heading to the testing center. This will be my second attempt. I barely missed passing the first time so in theory I should be OK this time but I've been letting myself get a bit too fragmented recently. I'll know soon enough I guess.

I'm going to keep this short so I can get to sleep and get an early start.

Happy Monday everyone.
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