Monday, August 29, 2011

Some Monday Morning Thoughts

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It struck me again recently when I was reading the latest rumors about the iPhone 5 that Apple gets a lot of credit for being innovative when in fact most of the features you'll find in their products are anything but. There are exceptions of course like the Retina display but that is not the norm. In particular my phone is a year plus old at this point and has an 8 megapixel camera. Rumors are the iPhone 5 will match those specs. It seems likely that the iPhone 5 won't support LTE either. Where Apple wins is in their ability to integrate and create positive user experiences. As much as I love my Motorola Droid X, it does get annoying that I have to pull the battery periodically to hard power cycle it because it has gotten flaky. I have had to power cycle my iPad a few times but it's a fairly rare event.

Sprint employees have been asked to say "No comment" when asked by customers, family and friends about the possibility of the iPhone 5 coming to their network. This strikes me as a semi clever way of getting free advertising. Whether it actually means the iPhone 5 will be available on Sprint is difficult to judge. If it it is we'll see additional pressure on Android in the US. Apple's exclusive deal with AT&T in the beginning gave Google an opportunity to establish a foothold they might not have had otherwise so it makes sense from Apple's perspective to continue to "spread the love".

Dell is apparently the latest company to decide to get into the services side of cloud computing. Given their track record in other areas I'm not very optimistic about their chances. Other companies have been in this space for a lot longer and playing catch up at this point doesn't seem like a winning strategy even if they can execute and I have my doubts that they can.

I recently made my first virtual million on Empire Avenue. This was a cool accomplishment and one I'm kind of proud of. It took a fair amount of effort and a bit of thinking to get their and I've recently hit on a strategy that is giving me very good growth. I don't generally spend a lot of time on games these days but Empire Avenue has turned out to be a good investment in that I've made some great contacts and really stepped up my game on the BLOG and social network interaction front. It's nice to have some motivation to engage and an outlet that both encourages that engagement and gives me tools to help judge my effectiveness.

Speaking of social network engagement, my Klout score has been taking a bit of a hit recently and I'm not entirely sure why. I'm going to guess algorithm changes that aren't favorable to my model of engagement. I'm not going to worry too much about it but it's always disconcerting when a score goes down and I'm not quite sure why.

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