Saturday, August 27, 2011

Venture Progress Report And Other Ramblings

I promised myself I'd post an update on how my start-up exploration is going today. So far, so good. I've written a fair bit of code and am using it to gather data. My idea centers on data analysis so I need to accumulate a decent sample size before I'll be able to draw many conclusions about what is possible. I'm probably a week or so away from having the base I'll need but I'll continue to write code while gathering the data. 

I've been learning a bunch of new technologies which has been mostly fun but a little frustrating. I'd forgotten how lousy most technical documentation is. All I need is a good example with an explanation. Instead I get lousy examples with almost no explanation most of the time. Technical types who are also effective communicators are apparently a very rare breed. When you write documentation you have to imagine you know nothing about the topic you are writing on. Most people don't do this. 

The price range for the 16G HP Touchpad one the grey market seems to be holding steady. Still no word from HP on new stock. I've signed up for the mailing list they've made available for people interested in purchasing one so I should hear something if they ever put more stock up for sale. I doubt I will though.

I made my first virtual million on Empire Avenue. I still have slightly mixed feelings about the platform but it has continued to encourage me to stay engaged and look for ways to make (hopefully) meaningful contributions in the social networking space. 

It's been kind of amusing watching Facebook change themselves into Google+ over the past week or so. OK, I exaggerate but all the changes they've made to their picture service and privacy settings are pretty clearly motivated by Google and their success with G+. The picture quality on Facebook has been lousy from the get go so it's nice they upgraded things but really, why did they need Google to motivate that change?

OK, time to get back to chores/hobbies/coding. 

Have a great weekend.

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