Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Intrusive Advertising, Forbes (Short Take)

I was reading an article on Forbes recently and found random advertising text in line a couple of times. These were single sentences in stand alone "paragraphs" that interrupted the flow of the story big time. It's not like Forbes is skimpy on the ads even without this intrusion so I found the whole experience very annoying. Seriously, why go there? I'm now less likely to click on a Forbes link then I was before and how does that help their bottom line?

I've even been known to let the obnoxious ads run that they often redirect to before displaying their content as I understand they are in business to make money and I'm willing to give a little back.

I'm an MBA. I'm not against businesses making money. I am however less than enthused by how prevalent advertising and invasions of my privacy have become. I have to wonder how much revenue I'm generating for all the web sites I frequent over the course of a month. If it's under $50 than I'd love to have the option of paying the money up front and being left alone. If it's more than that then maybe they should be paying me a share. :)

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