Sunday, November 13, 2011

Klout/Kindle Fire/Adobe Flash/Foursquare/Google

Here are some short takes on various things that are on my mind right now.

My Klout score has continued to decline. Interestingly the decline nearly mirrors the decline in the "True Reach" sub score. My network has continued to grow and If anything it seems like I've had more engagement recently so I continue to be baffled by what is happening. It's really not that big a deal other than the fact that I'd prefer to have at least a bit of a clue as to what the issue. is.

The Kindle Fire is set for release in a couple of days. The ones my wife and I ordered are actually showing up under the "Manage My devices" section of the Amazon store and have been for at least a few days. Hopefully this means we'll be part of the first batch shipped out. Our order went in on day two. I think the fact that they are registered with Amazon means that they have been configured and boxed. One of the nice things that Amazon does is configure your Kindle so that all you have to do is register it to the wireless network (Assuming its not 3G capable) and you're good to go.

Adobe claiming that Apple killed mobile flash is completely absurd unless Steve Jobs pointing out the all to obvious shortcomings of flash somehow magically made the world wake up and realize the absurdity of the concept of a platform that was never light weight or stable on much more capable platforms being viable on mobile devices. Adobe only needs to look in the mirror to figure out who is responsible for the failure of flash.

The Foursquare app on my first generation Droid X continues to be annoying in spite of the occasional update. It almost never seems to be able to figure out where I am which in turn leads to few points being assigned for check ins as Foursquare understandably declines to give full credit for check ins that are "off the grid". My Wife's iPhone 4 never has this problem. On the plus side I have an excuse whenever she's ahead in the scoring which is pretty much always. Google's navigation software figures out where I am nearly instantly so the looks like a short coming on the foursquare Android client.

I'm hoping Google wakes up and starts proving a better user experience with all their new apps. The new gmail web client has some nice features but the excessive space and lack of good visual separation of elements by way of contrasting colors is frustrating. I use a theme that has primarily light characters on a dark background so at least I don't have worry about being "blinded by the white" like on the new Google reader.

Have a great week, time for me to get some sleep.

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