Monday, June 20, 2011

Klout/I Am Now A Dabbler? (Short Take)

The addition of LinkedIn to Klout's scoring has gotten me promoted to "Dabbler". The text for this Klout "Style" follows...

You might just be starting out with the social web or maybe you're not that into it. If you want to grow your influence, try engaging with your audience and sharing more content.

This is more accurate than their initial categorization of me as an "Observer" but it's still fairly far off the mark if we're talking about my overall on line presence. In fact this is off even limiting things to Klout's current scope of Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn. I post original content to all three of these sites multiple times per week. I do make an effort to keep my sound to noise ratio high though so my volume is probably lower than a lot of people who tweet in a stream of consciousness kind of way. I'm not criticizing that approach, it can be entertaining and informative if done right but that's not my style.

Klout is still in Beta and I've moved them ahead of PeerIndex on my personal list of social influence ranking sites but they still have a long way to go at this point in terms of giving useful information if my experience is any indication.

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