Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lytro/Photography/Wow (Short Take)

I love technology. I love innovation. I love cool consumer products. Based on the limited information currently available on the forthcoming Lytro camera I think I've found an example of all three of those loves nicely combined into one package.

What is it?  Check out the following picture...

I believe you'll need to have flash installed to see it. The flowers on the left are blurry, right?  Go ahead and click on one of them. Notice how the point of focus changed? Now everything in the background is blurry. What Lytro appears to do is capture the entire scene. This means you have no need to focus when taking the picture. All the information is there, so after the fact you can choose the focal point and you can change it at any time. Double click anywhere in the image and it zooms in. Double click again and you'll zoom back out.

No, it's not April first though I'm tempted to go look at my calendar to be sure.

Go to their website for more information

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